The Story Behind the Image

How Ancient is this Piece of Wood?

I was exploring a new Canadian landscape at the foothills of the Coast Mountains; one which was being revealed for the very first time by the retreating Fyles Glacier. As I roamed with my camera, marveling at new soils and first generation vegetation, I came across this small piece of wood. What was the narrative here I wondered? Where had this piece of wood come from; there wasn’t another piece of wood within sight.

Was it part of an ancient forest devoured during the last Ice Age? Had it been preserved for some 50,000 years in the now retreating glacier seen in the background?

I didn’t move it but I did touch it. It seemed to contain a story larger than anything I could comprehend. I felt a sense of awe. With a deep respect for it’s journey, I slowly set up my tripod, and deliberately placed it prominently in the composition.

To this day, whenever I look at this image I feel absorbed by the mystery.

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