The sagebrush buttercup, this years first grasslands spring flower is up!

I went on a field trip to the grasslands yesterday and that shiny, bright Easter yellow flower, the sagebrush buttercup, appeared to be the first flower to colour the landscape. Just like the meadowlark and the bluebird, I always look forward to seeing it.

All parts of the buttercup are mildly poisonous when fresh. Before hunting, First Nations people occasionally rubbed arrowheads with the sap of this plant.


My Final Major Book! In celebration of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of BC, its ancient rainforests, canyon-grasslands, Chilcotin Ark, and central coastline, I am embarking on my largest and most significant book to date. During my research, writing and image selection, I will post blog images and the stories behind them.

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