The Grand Theatre of Light. June 2, 2014

Wow…what an evening theatrical display. This is the same cloud that you saw in my previous post overlooking the 100 Mile Marsh, but this photograph was made almost an hour earlier. I was so determined to capture this cloud over the historic 100 Mile barn, that I parked illegally on the wrong side of the highway, jumped the ranch fence, and ran through the wet grass in a pair of sandals in order to get the composition I wanted! I guess I should have got two tickets…one for illegal parking, and another for trespassing. Fortunately I got neither!

Now that my Gallery basement has flooded with all that rain, I’m home pumping and bailing water instead of being out storm chasing and photographing that gorgeous light! Oh well. Maybe chasing stunning sunsets is a safer way to go.

Not as much fun though!  Enjoy!


Rebuilding a ‘sense of place’ in the South Cariboo:  This image is part of my 100 Mile ProjectSomehow, on my journey to explore and photograph the entire Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region, I have drifted apart from the very place I call home; 100 Mile House and surrounding area.  So now, when at home, I will go exploring with my camera, and then try to post a picture daily to encourage all of us to appreciate the beauty, and the value, of our ‘homeplace’.  Join me in this adventure. Tell your friends. Subscribe to the blog.  Let’s all get to know our home more deeply, and contribute to our ‘sense of community’.