Take a Break in the Park. May 9, 2014

Why not take a break in Centennial Park this coming week and enjoy the wonders of springtime. I will be away for 6 or 7 days shooting on my book project. It to is about a ‘sense of place’ but as it pertains to the whole Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of BC.

I hope you have enjoyed our visit to the park during the past couple of weeks. I know I have, and I look forward to seeing the changes that take place during the next 10 days or so. Enjoy!


Rebuilding a ‘sense of place’ in the South Cariboo:  I have just started a new project. It’s called the 100 Mile ProjectSomehow, on my journey to explore and photograph the entire Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region, I have drifted apart from the very place I call home; 100 Mile House and surrounding area.  So now, when at home, I will go exploring, and then try to post a picture daily to encourage all of us to appreciate the beauty, and the value, of our ‘homeplace’.  Join me in this adventure. Tell your friends. Subscribe to the blog. 

I invite everyone to participate. If you know of a subject or a place that speaks to our ‘sense of place’, email me with your ideas, contacts, and directions. I will try to photograph and share it.  Let’s all get to know our home more deeply, and contribute to our ‘sense of community’.