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  • Appreciating the Quality of Light

    Appreciating the Quality of Light Last week, friend Mike Duffy and I went for a walk in Centennial Park with our cameras. We thought we would make a few images before stopping for a Friday morning cup of coffee. As we approached the waterfall, we noticed the back-lit spray was silhouetting the foreground vegetation and […]

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  • Creative Vision and a Sense of Place

    Creative Vision and a Sense of Place A key aspect to developing one’s personal vision in photography, is to acquire a profound Sense of Place for a chosen landscape.  Deep understanding comes by frequently visiting and exploring a place that is personally meaningful over a long period of time. One becomes familiar with different weather patterns […]

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  • Artistic Photography

    Artistic Photography Rainforest – a documentary view Whenever I go for a walk, as I did in the above rainforest, I see the world around me as it is. The world as it is, however, is not necessarily based on realism, it is also based on imagination. That’s the reason for enjoying the arts and […]

  • Central Coast
  • Why Take a Workshop?

      Why Take a Photographic Workshop? Teaching a photographic workshop is a privilege, not because of f-stops, shutter speeds, and secret techniques to produce ‘wow’ images, but because we discuss photography as art. In our workshops the emphasis is on art, and creativity, because this is what provides us with a meaningful and rewarding life. […]

  • Cariboo
  • Workshop/Seminar Special

    Tomorrow I will be teaching my first photographic workshop/seminar of the year and I am excited! So this morning I walked out of our house to make a few images from which to demonstrate various techniques. Here are two aspen trees from which there is a narrative…I’ll be talking about this tomorrow. Those interested in […]

  • Cariboo
  • Abstracting the Landscape

    Hi everyone. I’m back home; back in the Cariboo region of central BC after a wonderful season of photography. I just looked at my previous blog post ( my God, it was August!) and I see where I was doing a reconnaissance trip for my Langley Club Photo Workshop. So, just to continue along that […]