• Cariboo
  • Churn Creek – it’s rising quickly

    For the past three weeks I have made a trip out to Churn Creek Protected Area to photograph in the grasslands. Churn Creek drains from the Camelsfoot Range, travels through the protected area, and empties out into the Fraser River near the Gang Ranch. During this time period, warm summer weather has come to central […]

  • Art
  • Photography is more about the Experience

      Photography is more about the Experience Last week, friend Mike Duffy and I headed out to Churn Creek which empties out of the Chilcotin Ark into the mid-Fraser River Canyon. It was a relaxing drive, and we stopped whenever one saw something that piqued our interest photographically. Slowly driving through bench lands above the […]

  • Chilcotin Ark
  • The Story Behind the Image

    One day while exploring the Chilcotin grasslands, I came across this lone cabin set amidst the most incredible scent of wild sagebrush. At first I thought it must have been a cowboy’s trail cabin, but no, it was a shepherds cabin. This shepherd travelled dozens of miles up and down the Fraser River canyon lands, […]

  • Cariboo
  • Cariboo Chilcotin Grasslands in Winter

    While driving along Meadow Lake Road toward the Gang Ranch, there are staggering views of the grasslands above the mid Fraser River Canyon. In the early morning at this time of the year, the side lighting makes for deep shadows and high contrast. For photographers, high tonal and colour contrast are perfect conditions to make […]