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  • Appreciating the Quality of Light

    Appreciating the Quality of Light Last week, friend Mike Duffy and I went for a walk in Centennial Park with our cameras. We thought we would make a few images before stopping for a Friday morning cup of coffee. As we approached the waterfall, we noticed the back-lit spray was silhouetting the foreground vegetation and […]

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  • An Evening in Centennial Park

    It was a beautiful June evening, when I took a stroll through Centennial Park. Bridge Creek which was swollen from the heavy rains we had that month, had become the dominant feature. The reflection of the mid-night blue sky added to its dominance. Tomorrow night, a ‘Super Moon” will rise over Bridge Creek. Centennial Park […]

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  • Dogwoods add Colour to Spring. May 8, 2014

    The bright red colour of a Red-Osier Dogwood  shrub adds  a fresh dimension to an otherwise not so colourful spring landscape. This beautiful little trail follows Bridge Creek through Centennial Park in 100 Mile House. Aboriginal peoples in this region used dogwood for a vast number of purposes. I am really enjoying my daily walks […]

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  • A Water Ouzel in Bridge Creek. May 7, 2014

    I was walking along Bridge Creek in Centennial Park yesterday when I heard the high whistles of a water ouzel or American dipper. Fortunately, I had my telephoto lens slung over my shoulder with settings preset to capture such rare opportunities. Dippers are amazing. They have an extra eyelid to see under water and scales […]

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  • Beauty in Dead Grass! May 6, 2014

      Every time I go for a walk along Bridge Creek in Centennial Park, I find something new. I just have to keep looking harder.  I was walking over this grass when I suddenly saw the patterns and then the textures. So, out comes the tripod, and, voila! Beautiful patterns of dead grass! I’m just […]