• Chilcotin
  • A Night Amongst Skeletons

    One night last year I slept out in a burnt forest. The mood of the place took over my mind; it was an uneasy feeling. At one point an owl, silhouetted against the sky flew through the trees and past me. That was a visual I will never forget. I wish I could have captured […]

  • Cariboo
  • Yoga at Midnight

    What a surprise!  When I went into a burnt forest in the middle of the night last month, I found myself in the middle of a yoga class. With arms stretching outward toward the mountain tops, and spines curving up toward the stars, it was a sight like I had never experienced.  Under the light […]

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  • Visiting Old Friends

    Taking a stroll the day after a living forest was burned in a forest fire is a powerful experience. On the ground there are skeletons. Squirrel, owl, and deer  remains to name a few. When I looked up, there were the trees, reaching for the sunlight which only yesterday was a source of nourishment. It […]