• Chilcotin
  • The Story Behind the Image

    Flickers arrived on our property last week and the sounds of them pecking trees, telephone poles and roof tops, made me thing of the time I captured this image along the shores of the Fraser River. I watched this flicker come and go from her nest and I remember marveling at how perfectly sized the […]

  • Chilcotin Ark
  • The Story Behind the Image

    When I was photographing for my book Spirit in the Grass, my biggest challenge was to capture book quality bird images. The grasslands are vast. I remember hiking for miles and hardly being able to see a big horn sheep! They looked so small. Seeing and then getting close enough to photograph tiny birds was […]

  • Cariboo
  • Meadowlarks arrive – early!

    ‘A Sense of Wonder’ – my thought for the day Yesterday when I was out for a forest walk with my dog Duggan, two snowshoe hares jumped out from under my feet; scared the hell out of both of us! Today we were walking near the 105 Mile barn when I heard that quintessential sound […]