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  • Montreal Residency – Day 7

    One week ago this evening we arrived in Montreal; wow, that went fast! Throughout the week I only used one lens, walking here and there, getting oriented, and trying to get a sense of where I wish to focus my photography.  I have dabbled with different subject matter and different styles of image making. Basically, […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 4

    Wow…what a day yesterday was! I could make 10 blog posts from just a single days shoot! Here are a few. Hard to believe but one of those three blue doors on the right is where we are staying in Montreal! Fabulous. My day always starts by taking the Metro to my days destination. This […]

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  • Feeling Uncomfortable as an Artist

      Being creative takes courage. When we create, we are making something original and that usually means we are stepping outside our comfort zone into the unknown. For most of us, this means feeling a little intimidated and uncomfortable. Last week when I was in town (100 Mile House), I had an extra hour before my […]

  • Cariboo
  • Monet’s Garden!

    Ok…one more photograph from the forest in front of our house to end the week! This is an interpretative image. It’s actually an ‘inscape’, my interpretation of the forest floor amongst some young aspens. You’ve now seen my creative expression. I’ve communicated that expression to you through the internet. Now it is your turn, the […]