• Art
  • Feeling Uncomfortable as an Artist

      Being creative takes courage. When we create, we are making something original and that usually means we are stepping outside our comfort zone into the unknown. For most of us, this means feeling a little intimidated and uncomfortable. Last week when I was in town (100 Mile House), I had an extra hour before my […]

  • Cariboo
  • 100 Mile Community Garden is off and Growing!

    The 100 Mile House Community Garden got underway yesterday with some serious volunteer support.  Even young Charlie (I think that was his name) was there with his tiny yellow dump truck! Together they planted some ‘Likely Legend’ potatoes. I can’t wait to give those a taste! Congratulations to the forward looking volunteers . Yea 100 […]

  • Cariboo
  • An Evening in Centennial Park

    It was a beautiful June evening, when I took a stroll through Centennial Park. Bridge Creek which was swollen from the heavy rains we had that month, had become the dominant feature. The reflection of the mid-night blue sky added to its dominance. Tomorrow night, a ‘Super Moon” will rise over Bridge Creek. Centennial Park […]