Silently carving its grand canyon, The Fraser River now flows south.

The mighty Fraser River near the Gang Ranch once flowed north and the vast bench lands above the river were once huge lake bottoms. Today these bench lands  are part of British Columbia’s renowned grasslands, the most endangered ecosystem in the province. When the ice dams further south melted at the end of the latest ice age, the Fraser changed direction, gouging a course toward what is now Hope and beyond to the Pacific Ocean.  Now, some 8000 years later, the Fraser continues to flow southward, carving its canyon ever deeper.

Last week, on January 25th, the magnificence of the Fraser Canyon near Churn Creek and the Gang Ranch was as we see it in this photograph; impressive and stunningly beautiful.

It’s an easy drive here to witness the Grand canyon of the north. It’s less than 100 kms from Williams Lake or 70 Mile House.