Routines are the Death Knell of Creativity

The more routines we create for ourselves, the more we limit our creative powers.

When we discover a subject we wish to photograph, we often visualize the image we would like to make and then grab the lens that will give us that result. All to often that lens is a mid-range 24-100 mm lens or a mid-range telephoto 70-200 mm lens. We feel at ease and confident with those lenses.

At first, I felt uncomfortable

One day last summer during my wildfire evacuation, I decided to break out of that routine by heading out into a forest with only one lens on my camera; a lens I rarely use. I attached my fish-eye lens which forced me out of my comfort zone. The results were intriguing, surprising, and gratifying.

In the end, I became wildly and excitingly experimental

The results have given me the courage to push past an old creative barrier. It was a reminder of how important it is to feel uncomfortable as an artist.

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