Central Coast

The 24,000 square kilometres of the Central Coast contain some of Earth’s deepest glacially carved fjords, many with waterfalls dropping over 1000 metres over sheer granite cliffs. They support dense rain forests and lush river estuaries, grizzly and black bears, mountain goats, wolves, and cougar. The precipitous Kynoch and Mussel fjords are home to the white spirit bears of the Great Bear Rain Forest. The vast temperate rain forests of this country carry an entire ecosystem nearly a hundred metres into the air: huge cathedrals of wood, orchids, prowling bears, and mist. For thousands of kilometres, on islands and fjords where the mountains descend into the sea, raven calls echo through their halls. Salmon are born and die in their shade. The cultural life here is ancient. In this valley, the Nuxalkmc people lived in affluence for thousands of years, in a culture rich in material and ceremonial wealth. They were masters of the water, of stone and of wood. In an entangled rainforest close to town is their ancient ceremonial world, with over 100 rock carvings believed to be at least 3,500 years old. Chiefly, noble and supernatural secret societies kept their spirit power here, to deal with supernatural matters. It’s still there.

The images in this portfolio were all made along the central coast.