Photography is more about the Experience


Photography is more about the Experience

Last week, friend Mike Duffy and I headed out to Churn Creek which empties out of the Chilcotin Ark into the mid-Fraser River Canyon. It was a relaxing drive, and we stopped whenever one saw something that piqued our interest photographically.

Slowly driving through bench lands above the Fraser River, we made our way to Churn Creek


When we got to the mouth of Churn Creek, the light was dramatic. It illuminated both the creek and the river while the cliffs on the far side of the Fraser remained in deep shadow. Perfect! Wherever there is contrast, there are wonderful images to be made.

Churn Creek enters the Fraser River

A dramatic and dynamic landscape

Visualizing the image potential downstream, I took out my 100-400mm lens to compress distance. I wanted to pull in the cliff and set it against the side-lit boulders. Exciting, or what!

An historical study of Churn Creek

We later climbed up onto a cliff overlooking Churn Creek and the Fraser. What a wonderful perspective. We could see the many different routes which Churn Creek had taken over the years. No two years are alike.

Like I have said many times, the joy of photography is where it takes you and the experiences you have along the way. For 10 hours after we left the highway and before we returned to it, we never saw one other vehicle. Mike and I were in heaven, using our imagination and creating art.

I’m heading back to the grasslands tomorrow. Can’t wait until 4am!!

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  1. Vera Busse says: Reply

    Stunning. A very special place for me.
    Still peaceful, real,magnificent. Not many places in the world today you can find a place like this. Unpoluted and there to share.

  2. chris says: Reply

    Yes Vera, a very special place indeed. Thank you for your comment. Chris

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