Now it’s Physics that Excites me!

As I walked along the road looking down on the lake, I was so intrigued with the shapes. How did they all come to be? I could hear the ice creaking and groaning; sometimes the sound of a high-powered rifle would send a fissure travelling across the entire lake. I presumed the heat from the lake water, which would be warmer than the -12 degree air, would seep up through the new crack, melting the snow and creating magnificent shapes of all kinds.

The snow on the lake, along with the newly created shapes would also change colours with the changing light.  Incredible!

I also thought of the history of these events. In the above image it appears like a giant wave of liquid snow is spilling over a previously formed straight line.  Miraculous!

For three hours my body kept warm with excitement, as my fingers froze. Vehicles continuously passed me by on the road, slowing down to try and figure out what I was photographing. There was no moose! Meanwhile I continued to seek the elements of visual design.  I can’t wait to show you more!!

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