Montreal Residency – Day10

On day-10,  Sylvia Rourke, friend and member of the Montreal Camera Club, very kindly took me for a drive to shoot some of the areas that are more difficult to get to via the Metro. We visited Jacques Cartier Bridge, Isle Saint Helene (where I had a job at Expo 67!), Habitat, the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri, and the Lachine Canal. It was a fabulous day; here are a few images I made along the way.

Crossing Jacques Cartier bridge

Jacques Cartier bridge

Jacques Cartier bridge, Impressionist

Montreal Skyline

The old American pavilion at Expo 67

Pavilion abstract

Pavilion abstract

Habitat 67

Streetscape in Saint-Henri. Impressionist


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  1. Orrin Webber says: Reply

    Welome to your 80th year! I will be there on November 5th, am I correct that we have the same date? It seems you are still at the top of your profession, doing great work, and still physically fit. Keep it up! I am long retired, but can still hike, paddle, and do volunteer jobs. Best wishes,

    1. chris says: Reply

      Wonderful to hear from you after many decades I am sure. All the very best to you both. Chris

  2. Ron Paull says: Reply

    Thank you, Chris… for vividly reviving fond memories of Expo 67… my second home while posted with the RCAF at CFB St. Jean more than 50 years ago! And whodathunk our paths may have crossed all those years ago at Isle Saint Helene!?

  3. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Your impressionist images remind me that we and everything around us is not as solid as it appears!!!

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