Montreal Residency – Day 6

On a short walk around an area of Montreal known as the Golden Mile, I found myself looking for small details. There are so many perspectives to take when walking around a large and diverse city-scape, so I often concentrate on just one. If I try to see everything from a number of perspectives, I often accomplish little. Looking for, and seeing small details, is extremely satisfying, from both a visual and design perspective.





What will I see today??

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  1. Helen MacIsaac says: Reply

    can’t wait to see your next pics! Cheers Helen

    1. chris says: Reply


  2. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    I loved your stepping-up and looking-up theme. The return of the foot back down completed the journey of that day. Thank you.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Speaking about feet…mine are sore and bruised from walking on concrete all day! I need to find more earth to walk on!! Thanks Adbhuta.

  3. Valérie Hensley says: Reply

    I really appreciate the low intensity stairs. Great perspective. thanks for sharing.

  4. chris says: Reply

    It’s so ordinary but I love that perspective as well. Thanks!

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