Montreal Residency – Day 5

Last night Rita and I took the Metro to Old Montreal for a stroll through cobble stone streets. Hand-held.

I started by making a few representational images.

I couldn’t resist the strong lines and dramatic contrast.

After a welcomed beer in an underground pub, it was time to become more expressive. Rita window shopping!

Eventually, I got into the groove. This is my favourite image of the evening. I had never attempted Expressionist-like images like this at night, but now I am hooked.  A nightly prowl could be in-store!!

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  1. Sigridh Kiersch says: Reply

    Beautiful night shots. Makes me want to be there with you and Rita!

    1. chris says: Reply

      It’s a wonderful city at night! Thanks!

  2. Neil Cochran says: Reply

    My favorite is Rita shopping. Wonderful framing, rich colors!
    But this group is your best yet on this trip.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Great! Thanks Neil.

    2. chris says: Reply

      I did more last night; it’s fun shooting in the evening.

  3. Chris Wright says: Reply

    Nice work Chris, neat to see your day by day exploration.

  4. Lynda Miller says: Reply

    You are really getting into the groove! Great shots and a great place to explore your photography.

    1. chris says: Reply

      I’m loving it!!! So much to do and see!

  5. Sergia says: Reply

    Old Montreal by night . . . . how glorious!

    1. chris says: Reply


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