Montreal Residency – Day 23

This is my last blog post from Montreal. I came to photographically capture the essence of one of the world’s great cities at a moment in time; also at a moment in my own life. It’s been a blast!

From a social perspective, Rita and I so enjoyed Montreal. We explored both together and independently; we took in cultural events, indulged in great food, and of course, shared a few drinks together. Oh yes, did I forget shopping? Rita did some of that too!!

From a photographic perspective, I have enjoyed the whole creative process. I reconnected with old memories, old friends of the Montreal Camera Club, and made new friends at the Lakeshore Camera Club.

I hope you enjoyed the journey! For those who took the time to comment; thank you.

My mother, after having two children, was warned not to have another child, however, wanting a son, she refused that advise. I was the lucky recipient of her courage. These last few images were made in the Mount Royal Cemetery where she rests. It was the quietest and most meditative place for me in the whole city. These last few images are dedicated to her.

Until the next adventure … Merci from Montreal!

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  1. PIERRE CHABOT says: Reply

    Merci beaucoup for your superb photography while in Montreal. You inspired me to try and experiment with some new ideas .Particularly with our colorful fall environment,results are most satisfying.
    Hoping you return to our area in the near future.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Merci Pierre. It was a fabulous experience and happy you were able to join me for the adventure. Hopefully there will be another time…soon!

  2. Joan Loeken says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I am moved by these last images.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks for joining the adventure Joan. Always a treat to have you along.

  3. Ron Paull says: Reply

    Thank you, Chris… thank you 23 times… for your daily dispatch that vividly revived so many fond memories of my wonderful time in Montreal in 1967. Safe travels home to the two of you!

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks Ron. Glad you enjoyed the Montreal experience. See you in the Cariboo!

  4. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing this special space for you. The colourful trees bring a sense of uplifting lightness to these images. May your Montreal memories carry you back safely to your BC home.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Adbhuta….I enjoyed you being with me every day! Thanks for joining me and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Chris

  5. Rick Church says: Reply

    Wonderful blog series Chris. Your comments about your mother were very touching. I’m glad she was a courageous woman. I have to ask, did you go to your childhood home? I only saw a reference to it in the distance.

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