Montreal Residency – Day 20

Today was election day. I spent half the day in bed, still trying to get over my flu bug, but there was to be no sleeping in during the afternoon! It was Presentation Day for Rita and I; we were to make a presentation to the Lakeshore Camera Club at 8pm. Frances Cable of the Montreal Camera Club very kindly offered to drive us and to avoid rush hour, we left early in the afternoon. That gave us some time to explore part of the West Island village of Pointe-Claire and share an evening meal before the show.

There was a charm to this old lakeshore community.

Many of the beautiful and charming homes were once summer cottages along the lakeshore.

Originally built as a private home, Stewart Hall is now an art gallery and community centre. It was here that Rita and I made our presentation.

During the afternoon, Frances and I walked around Stewart Hall. exploring and photographing the beautifully treed property along the shoreline. I call this image, ‘Embracing tree trunks’.

A huge thank-you to the Lakeshore Camera Club for the invitation to present to their membership. It was a fabulous evening in which Rita and I told the story of the Chilcotin Ark. I also gave an illustrated talk on Expressionist and Abstract photography.

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  1. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Lakeshore seems like a wonderful place to relax. Let the “Embracing Tree Trunks” hug you back to health. Be well.

  2. Helen MacIsaac says: Reply

    wishing you a fast recovery from the flu-it’s really hitting BC also-hug those trees!

    1. chris says: Reply

      Thanks for following the blog Helen. Appreciated!

  3. valerie Hensley says: Reply

    Great work! Sorry I missed your talk 🙁

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