Loon ‘Splash Dances’ past my canoe at 60kms/hr! An amazing sight.

At 6:50 pm Mike and I were paddling quietly  down the Bowron River looking for moose and beaver. Then I heard a huge splashing sound around a corner hidden by willows, so I said to Mike…Moose! Suddenly two loons came flying around the corner splashing their way up the river right beside our canoe.  They must have been traveling  60km/hr. and making a hell of a racket! The splashing noise was unbelievable. I dropped my paddle, grabbed the camera with a 100-400mm lens, aimed and fired.

Photo Tip: When I am out shooting in an environment like this, I have my camera close at hand and completely set for an event such as this. It was set at ISO 800; auto focus;  aperture priority; f-8; and high-speed shooting (about 5 frames/second). I would never have made this image if I had not been totally prepared. Enjoy.