Intensity of Springtime Colour

The intensity of colour; I was pouring through my grassland images in connection with my upcoming book, and I came across this amazing display of arrow-leaved balsamroot. It reminded me to head out to the Farwell area grasslands in the very near future to see if they are at their prime. I made this image about 10 years ago using film; I’d love to try expressing myself a little differently this time.

The name comes from a combination of the leaf shape and the fragrant resin (balsam) found in its roots. This native perennial plant found many uses amongst Native North American cultures. Medicinally it was used to treat colds, burns, and bites. It was also used as a pain killer. It’s also eaten by nearly all types of wildlife.

Balsum root in the BC grasslands
Arrow-leaved balsamroot in the BC grasslands