In the Itcha’s we ride into a herd of over 60 caribou.


Ahead of us a large herd of Caribou enjoy prime grasslands

It was a beautiful day as we rode toward Ptarmigan Basin in the Itcha Mountains, when suddenly we spotted a heard of over 60 caribou. We stopped, and as we admired them, they started to move toward us. Being the curious animal that they are, they kept coming closer and closer, always trying to figure us out.

Eventually, we had to move toward camp. Only then did they move slowly away across the colourful volcanic landscape. This is one of the many visual treats we experienced while travelling through the Itcha Mountains.

Wanda and Roger Williams of Itcha Ilgachuz Mountain Outfitters offer several pack trips each summer including Wanda’s famous ladies trips. It’s an experience that won’t be around for ever as life styles such as these are fast disappearing. Photographing these life styles is one of the many projects I am working on.