Images & Poetry…

” When people look at my photographs, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice ” – Robert Frank, photographer

An abstraction from a rotting ship’s hull on the central BC coast.

Canada, British Columbia, Central Coast, Shearwater, old ship hull, abstract,

My Final Major Book! In celebration of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of BC, its ancient rainforests, canyon-grasslands, Chilcotin Ark, and central coastline, I am embarking on my largest and most significant book to date. During my research, writing and image selection, I will post blog images from around the region; moments in time and memory.

I hope my images convey my sense of value for the beauty of land, people, and biodiversity; each an essential part of a healthy and vibrant community.

Please enjoy, and share with friends.