I went to see the cedars in the Ancient Forest, but it was difficult at times.

5DC4427a-0713-o-500pxTwo days ago I was walking through a garden of western redcedars in the Ancient Forest. I was surrounded by them, yet at times I could hardly see them for the lush vegetation. The devil’s club that you see in the foreground of this image was a big part of that vegetation. In some rainforest gullies, devil’s club can grow to heights of 16′, with leaves as large as 16″ across, and with their brittle yellow spines, are a nightmare to walk through.

The immense diversity of central B.C. is one of the reasons I love living here. I can be photographing sand dunes in a dry grassland desert during the first hours of the day, and the lush undergrowth of a rainforest in the latter hours of the day. By going for a drive and enjoying a walk, we can all enjoy this diversity, and connect with the natural world. Your children deserve to experience this diversity. It’s more educational than most classrooms.