I took a drive to the “Ancient Forest” recently. What a Surprise.


Central B.C. is the home of the most dramatic Inland Rainforest in the world. Situated in the Robson Valley, approx. 130 kms east of Prince George. This area was rescued from being clear cut and is now about to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status. Volunteers have poured over 8,000 hrs of volunteer time into making a beautiful trail through rainforest including this boardwalk which travels through part of it. This boardwalk was created to provide wheel chair access to this amazing walk experience, and while I was there, a 99 yr. old lady walked its entire length using a walker. She said it was a ‘highlight experience’ in her life.

Congratulations to all the volunteers, especially Nowell Senior, who’s dream it was to create this boardwalk for the elderly or disabled.

There is a huge sign on Highway 5 between McBride and Prince George which reads “Ancient Forest”. Drive into the large parking lot, and enjoy a 60-90 minute walk through the Interior Rainforest.