I slept out under the moon(s) last night!


Last night I drove out to Churn Creek where it empties into the Fraser River. I wanted to shoot the lunar eclipse  within the context of a Cariboo Chilcotin  landscape rather than just a solitary moon. To try and catch the whole event, I decided to shoot a multiple exposure. Each of the moon exposures was made 15 minutes apart. The problem was, the clouds moved in before I could capture the last 4 moon images. I wanted to end up with pure white moons just as the sequence had started with. When is the next one??

With the above image being so small, you can’t really see the ‘blood red’ moons. So I took a telephoto image to show you….just in case you went to bed early! You can see Mars to the right of the moon.


It was beautiful to watch. It started before midnight and lasted until after 2 am. It was damn cold too, standing in that chilly breeze coming down Churn Creek. Anyway, it was worth it. It was a wonderful evening; not a soul, just the sound of water and the touch of a cool breeze!