I recently floated down the Swift River to Cottonwood House Heritage Site. Historical.

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Wilderness guide Josh Mackenzie of Cariboo Rivers Fishing invited Rita and I to join him on a float trip down the Swift River. The Swift River flows out of the Cariboo Mountains, is joined by Lightening Creek, and from that point becomes the Cottonwood River. It was a relaxing two day trip covering approximately 30 km of easy moving water. The rapids in the above image was the exception being the most turbulent of anything we experienced.

The relaxed pace enabled us to take breaks, explore, photograph and enjoy the wildlife sightings of deer, moose, bears, eagles and other bird life.  The night was spent at a river side resort (the Mackenzie’s summer home) which made for an wonderful evening of dining, relaxation and photography.

After listening to Josh’s gold rush stories, the trip fittingly ends at Cottonwood House Heritage Site, an old road house on the ‘waggon’ road  to Barkerville where gold was found in the 1860’s. This historical trip is an amazing trip for high school students to learn about BC history by ‘experiencing’ it.  It would also be a wonderful trip for families and friends to explore a part of BC that is unknown. You will not see another person as you float down this river; you will only see wildlife and listen to bird life.

For information about organizing an historical Swift River Float Trip, contact Josh at Cariboo Rivers Fishing.

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