Heading to the Grasslands with a Friend!

I was chatting on the phone this morning with my friend and workshop teaching partner Dennis Ducklow, as our Photographic Workshop is fast approaching. As we discussed plans, we both realized how pumped we were to be soon heading out across the Chilcotin Plateau to Bella Coola to start our 5th workshop at the Tallheo Cannery. We have so many new ideas to share!

During our conversation, I suggested he come and visit a day early and I would take him out to the grasslands. He said he had never been there as yet. I was shocked, but that makes it all the better! I can’t wait to show someone from the Lower Mainland what BC is REALLY all about! I think I’ll take him toward the Big Bar Ferry, west of Clinton.

Here are a few images of the country we will explore.

One of the back roads we’ll be exploring while breathing the scent of sage

Grassland vistas abound

Across a ranchers field lie beautifully coloured cliffs within Devil’s canyon

Green terraces that were once ancient lake bottoms form canyon walls above the Fraser River

Hold on Dennis, you are about to be blown away! The same holds true for all visitors to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of British Columbia. We did not burn up and disappear in the wildfires last summer; we will be here welcoming all visitors with our Cariboo Chilcotin hospitality. Oh, and while you are here, drop in and visit the Chris Harris Gallery! Hope to see you!


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  1. Dennis says: Reply

    Can’t wait to go there!

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Can’t wait to take you there!!

    2. chris says: Reply

      Can’t wait to take you there!

  2. Christie Mayall says: Reply

    I still remember my first trip across the grasslands over 40 years ago. Sitting on the front of our landcruiser with the top down. Expansive vistas of rolling grasslands and the scattered aspen copses in the first flush of spring green are spectacular.

    1. chrisharrisphotos says: Reply

      Your words tell me you absolutely appreciate the grass. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and memories. Chris

    2. chris says: Reply

      I can feel your love of the grasslands through your words! Thanks. Chris.

  3. Karin says: Reply

    can hardley wait to be back 🙂 love the vistas everytime I get there 🙂

    1. chris says: Reply

      It’s the best!

  4. Rick Church says: Reply

    Chris, You and I have been talking of going there for years, along with Mike and Jim. Maybe this year!
    We have flown over many times, but I have not been on the ground there, other than the headwaters of Churn Creek.

  5. chris says: Reply

    Yes, it’s time for you to get grounded! We’ll go there for sure. Looking forward to the adventure. Chris

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