Heading out on a 4 day photo shoot: the Bowron River Marsh

At the crack of dawn tomorrow morning I head off with my beautiful red Chestnut cedar-canvas canoe to one of my favourite spots to photograph…the Bowron River marsh within Bowron Lake Park. At this time of the year the water will be high allowing me to paddle easily throughout the wetlands. With any luck I will see moose, beaver, and whatever birds have arrived there.

The ice has just melted in the Cariboo Mountains, and at 1000 metres elevation, it is still extremely early in the summer season. Hopefully the mosquitoes haven’t arrived as yet, but I know better than to bet on that!!

So stay tuned next week when I’ll share my latest creations. I made the above image on a previous visit to the Bowron River marsh.

Photo Tip: In order to emphasis the moose, I threw the background out of focus by using a shallow depth of field.