Great to be back on LAND…in the Cariboo!!

It’s been an amazing summer, filled with photographic adventures of every description. I’ve hiked amidst tarns and alpine flowers in the mountains, cruised up rivers within the rainforest, traveled by horse through ancient volcanoes, powered by boat on some of BC’s largest mountain lakes, and most recently, sailed down the central coast in gale force winds.

British Columbia, Canada, BC Coast, sailing in gale force storm,gale force winds

I never got seasick while photographing, and I can now say I loved the adventure, but I can also say with a big smile that I was very happy to drive up onto the Plateau where the golden grass was accompanied by a huge blue Cariboo sky. With boots on the ground, I’m happy to be back home and on land!

My season of photographic adventures has just ended. Next I have a month for the very creative process of developing my imagery.  As I do that, I will reflect back on all the incredible adventures I have shared with so many wonderful people. It doesn’t get any better than that!

As I begin the exciting chapter of piecing together my next book, I will continue to share through my upcoming Newsletters, all my summer adventures, with photographs and stories.  Subscribe to my Newsletter and don’t miss a single one!!