Great Gray Owl Returns



Sharing Memories of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast: I have explored this region of BC by foot, canoe, vehicle, skies, raft, snowmobile, horse, and by airplane, and I have photographed every experience. All together they have given me a ‘sense of place’. I feel most fortunate to live and have access to this ‘place’. The images I share with you on this blog are memories of many of those moments in time.

Great Gray owl, Strix varia,

My Great Gray Owl friend seems to have a nest around our home for I see it more and more often. Recently I had the opportunity to sit quietly and watch it hunt for small rodents. Owls are able to triangulate using sound, thus pinpointing the location of a mouse, even under snow.

Owls can even use their facial muscles to alter the shape of their disk like face and funnel sound more efficiently to its ears, greatly amplifying the sound and making triangulation easier and more effective. Wow!!