Glaciers hold a special place for me.

Sharing Memories of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast: I have explored this region of BC by foot, canoe, vehicle, skies, raft, snowmobile, horse, and by airplane, and I have photographed every experience. All together they have given me a ‘sense of place’. I feel most fortunate to live and have access to this ‘place’. The images I share with you on this blog are memories of many of those moments in time.NKN2611-0811-ou-500pxsnow melting on glacial ice

Back in 1968 when I was studying in Fredericton NB , I saw a Sierra Club calendar of BC’s Coast Mountains. Those photographs changed my direction in life. After my last exam, I headed west to Vancouver, never to return east for another 40 years. To this day, the ‘Power of Photography’ continues to play a huge role in my life.

I soon took to those mountains, always carrying my camera.  Mountaineering and photography became my passion. With new friends, I soon climbed Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and then with another great friend, Martyn Williams, we guided the very first commercial mountaineering expedition to the summit of Mt. Logan, Canada’s highest peak. I photographed each, and have made many slide presentations across the country, sharing the dramatic stories of life and death on the mountain.

When photographing for my recent book Flyover, I flew over those very mountains that drew me westward some 40 years ago. Memories of my mountaineering days flooded back to me as I made images such as the one above.

One of the greatest natural ‘highs’ in life is to be roped together with friends, hiking over glaciers amidst crevasses and seracs, heading toward a distant peak.