Exploring Two Volcanic Landscapes: The Chilcotin & Hawaii

Nothing excites me more than hiking and exploring a volcanic landscape.

In 2010 I published a major natural history coffee-table book on British Columbia’s volcanic plateau titled Motherstone. The most exciting explorations were within the three great shield volcanoes of the West Chilcotin; the Rainbow, Ilgatchuz and Itcha volcanoes. Last month, my partner Rita and I went to explore another volcanic landscape, the shield volcanoes of the Island of Hawaii. The big difference is that the volcanoes of the Chilcotin are dormant, many of the volcanoes on Hawaii are active. We found it an exciting place to be.

Over the next few weeks I will share some images made in both areas. They were both exciting areas to explore, and connect with Mother Earth.

Rivers of lava in the Rainbow Mountain volcano, British Columbia, Canada


This is part of the 2018 lower Puna eruption in Hawaii. It was the part of the East Rift fissure of the Kilauea volcano. Over 700 homes were lost here.

This eruption started in May, 2018 and by August 35 sq. km of land had been covered by lava flows. About 4 sq. km of new land had been created in the ocean.  The flows were declared inactive in December.

This young lava is extremely dangerous to walk on. One accidental  trip and your flesh would be shredded. It was like broken glass.

One definitely felt that rousing the ire of planet Earth was not a good idea!

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