Churn Creek – it’s rising quickly

For the past three weeks I have made a trip out to Churn Creek Protected Area to photograph in the grasslands. Churn Creek drains from the Camelsfoot Range, travels through the protected area, and empties out into the Fraser River near the Gang Ranch.

During this time period, warm summer weather has come to central BC causing Churn Creek to rise significantly. As a matter of interest, here are three images to illustrate the rising creek levels.

Churn Creek.  April 22, 2018

Churn Creek.  April 29, 2018

Churn Creek.  May 6, 2018

All the creeks and rivers that enter into the Fraser River drain a basin that is 220,000 square kilometers. Just think of how much extra water the Fraser absorbs in springtime and carries to the Salish Sea.  I’m surprised there isn’t more flooding than there is.

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  1. Dennis says: Reply

    I was playing with my grandkids on the bank of the Fraser River last week, near Langley. The river is always muddy but right now, with spring runoff, it’s incredibly muddy. And loaded with logs, branches, foam and debris, floating to the ocean and moving fast. It’s the annual flush! Hope it all stays within the banks.

  2. Kris Andrews says: Reply

    Amazing series Chris. I was going to go out there to get some clay at the mouth. It makes a nice natural brown glaze. I guess I will have to wait awhile.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Yes Kris, not much clay to be found at the moment!!

  3. chris says: Reply

    I see the trees floating by up here Dennis; we are just shipping them down to you!!

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