Celebrating Rain!

With wildfires burning throughout the province, an air quality advisory from environment Canada was posted for most of BC. Vancouver was ranked as the 5th worst major city in the world for air quality. One source said breathing that air was the equivalent of smoking 5 cigarettes a day.
Breathing has been difficult up here in the Cariboo region the last few days as well, but today the temperatures dropped and this evening it began to rain…then pour….briefly! What a relief. I was so excited I jumped into my truck and headed out with my camera.

I soon stopped and made this image through my windshield. One can just see the 105 barn on the far left.
Further down the road I stopped at the old Monical ranch. While still inside my vehicle, I made this image of the old homestead. By focusing more on the raindrops on the windshield that the building, I endeavored to capture the mood of the place.


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  1. Rick Church says: Reply

    I too celebrated the rain last night Chris, but unfortunately my camera gear is still down on the coast! Be here on the weekend I hope!
    Nice shots!

  2. chris says: Reply

    It felt soooo good! Thanks Rick.

  3. Adbhuta Ananda says: Reply

    Thanks for the hopeful images, Chris. We certainly need some big deluges of rain up here in the Bulkley Valley and all the fires east and north of us. Go run through some puddles!!!!

  4. chris says: Reply

    Yes, I’ve been thinking of you folks up north, just like you were probably thinking of us last year. It’s raining here right now…hopefully where you are as well. Hoping all is well. Chris

  5. Hello Chris, for some reason I’ve been unable to view your images from your posts for a while now, with the exception of the one before this one, on any of my devices … any ideas why?

  6. Hi again, went directly to your blog and was able to view your images from there and I was able to view all your newsletter images from your website … your images are always a treat and an inspiration!

    1. chris says: Reply


  7. Valerie says: Reply

    So strange. We toured Guaii Hannas. Great but no rain!!

  8. chris says: Reply

    We’ve had lots of rain now! I love the rain!!

  9. Sharon Jensen says: Reply

    For some reason I cannot see the pictures contained in your blog. However, there has never been any problem with pictures in your newsletter.

    1. chris says: Reply

      Yes, it’s something I have to correct! Just trying to find time! Thanks. Chris

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