Canoe Trip in 100 Mile House! Part III. June 6, 2014

As I continue to paddle up Little Bridge Creek I am drawn by the contrast of early spring colours. On both sides of me the willows are leafless, allowing me to see bird and wasp nests from the previous year. The ochre, yellow and brown hues lead me peacefully toward the bright budding  and energetic leaves of the aspen trees in the distance.

Paddling solo is one of the most revitalizing experiences. Dipping my paddle for the first time is a happening I look forward to every year.  Enjoy!


Rebuilding a ‘sense of place’ in the South Cariboo:  This image is part of my 100 Mile ProjectSomehow, on my journey to explore and photograph the entire Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region, I have drifted apart from the very place I call home; 100 Mile House and surrounding area.  So now, when at home, I will go exploring with my camera, and then try to post a picture daily to encourage all of us to appreciate the beauty, and the value, of our ‘homeplace’.  Join me in this adventure. Tell your friends. Subscribe to the blog.  Let’s all get to know our home more deeply, and contribute to our ‘sense of community’.