• Montreal
  • Montreal Residency – Day 3

    Tonight the Montreal Canadians (the Habs!) start their NHL hockey season, and in true Montreal spirit,  even the cement trucks are cheering them on! It’s easy to make friends here, we just say we come from the place Carey Price comes from and we’re in!! Go Habs Go!!!

  • Art
  • Montreal Residency – Day 2

    Today was my first real day of exploring the city. I felt rather uneasy photographing with so many people around; using a camera other than a smartphone meant people were always staring at me. There was also the issue of photographing buildings; the ones I found most interesting were private ones, usually row-buildings. Without permission […]

  • Art
  • Volcanic Landscapes Come to Life

    This is the fourth in the series of volcanic blog posts comparing our experience in the Hawaiian and Chilcotin shield volcanoes. Originally, many millions of years ago, spores released into the wind from a fern in Southeast Asia were carried by air currents high into the jet stream, where they drifted eastward. Eventually they settled […]

  • Art
  • Real or Imagined?

    In most cases, we are more concerned with the material life as opposed to the spiritual or the imaginary life. This image is of a wood splitter. Most people see it in terms of its functionality in everyday life; others may look at wood splitters in an imaginative way. Artists, for example, might look at […]