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  • Montreal Residency – Day10

    On day-10,  Sylvia Rourke, friend and member of the Montreal Camera Club, very kindly took me for a drive to shoot some of the areas that are more difficult to get to via the Metro. We visited Jacques Cartier Bridge, Isle Saint Helene (where I had a job at Expo 67!), Habitat, the neighbourhood of […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 9

    On Day-9 Rita and I strolled down to Old Montreal in the early evening. We explored streets and shops, had our culturally-rich pub experience to enjoy a local brew, and then caught blue-hour before heading home. All images were made using an Impressionist shooting style. Another great day! Entering Place des Armes Corner shop. Old […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 8

    Today I spent a little time exploring Place des Arts, Montreal’s preforming arts centre. It took me a couple of hours just to walk around the complex; an amazing venue. Rita and I also went down in the evening to see the area at night. Here are a few images I made; all hand held […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 7

    One week ago this evening we arrived in Montreal; wow, that went fast! Throughout the week I only used one lens, walking here and there, getting oriented, and trying to get a sense of where I wish to focus my photography.  I have dabbled with different subject matter and different styles of image making. Basically, […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 5

    Last night Rita and I took the Metro to Old Montreal for a stroll through cobble stone streets. Hand-held. I started by making a few representational images. I couldn’t resist the strong lines and dramatic contrast. After a welcomed beer in an underground pub, it was time to become more expressive. Rita window shopping! Eventually, […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 4

    Wow…what a day yesterday was! I could make 10 blog posts from just a single days shoot! Here are a few. Hard to believe but one of those three blue doors on the right is where we are staying in Montreal! Fabulous. My day always starts by taking the Metro to my days destination. This […]

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 3

    Tonight the Montreal Canadians (the Habs!) start their NHL hockey season, and in true Montreal spirit,  even the cement trucks are cheering them on! It’s easy to make friends here, we just say we come from the place Carey Price comes from and we’re in!! Go Habs Go!!!

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  • Montreal Residency – Day 2

    Today was my first real day of exploring the city. I felt rather uneasy photographing with so many people around; using a camera other than a smartphone meant people were always staring at me. There was also the issue of photographing buildings; the ones I found most interesting were private ones, usually row-buildings. Without permission […]

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  • Volcanic Landscapes Come to Life

    This is the fourth in the series of volcanic blog posts comparing our experience in the Hawaiian and Chilcotin shield volcanoes. Originally, many millions of years ago, spores released into the wind from a fern in Southeast Asia were carried by air currents high into the jet stream, where they drifted eastward. Eventually they settled […]