Artistic Photography

Artistic Photography

Rainforest – a documentary view

Whenever I go for a walk, as I did in the above rainforest, I see the world around me as it is. The world as it is, however, is not necessarily based on realism, it is also based on imagination. That’s the reason for enjoying the arts and being an artist; to stimulate our senses and imagination.

As a photographic artist, as I visually absorb landscapes, I begin to imagine them differently. They become ‘mindscapes’. I see what is visual, then imagine what is invisible.

On this particular forest walk, I began to visualize the rainforest in ways that took me beyond realism. Below are some examples.

Artistic interpretation I

I feel there is less and less call for images that depict the world as it is. We know what the Eiffel Tower looks like; do we need yet another look-alike photograph? Let’s try and go deeper, and try to express how we see the Eiffel Tower as no one has ever seen it before. We can do this as expressive photographic artists.

Artistic interpretation II

When we study the history of painting, for example, we read about artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and Kandinsky who were courageous enough to break away from the establishment. They believed in their new work, they valued it, and they brought about tremendous change.  We too can become creative and expressive photographers.

Artistic interpretation III

In our photographic workshops, we encourage photographers to take a broader perspective about the art form of photography and ourselves as artists. We encourage our participants to practice new ways of expression in order to communicate their visual narratives. We do this through illustrated talks, in the field art projects, and evaluation sessions.

Join us. It’s exciting!

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