A Common Sight in the Cariboo Chilcotin


Sharing Memories of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast: I have explored this region of BC by foot, canoe, vehicle, skies, raft, snowmobile, horse, and by airplane, and I have photographed every experience. All together they have given me a ‘sense of place’. I feel most fortunate to live and have access to this ‘place’. The images I share with you on this blog are memories of many of those moments in time.


As I drove through the Gang Ranch one winters day, I came across this dynamic ranching scene. It’s a sight we often see here in the Cariboo Chilcotin, but with all the cows being Black Angus (I presume!), they stood out so beautifully against the white snow.

As a photographer, whenever I see areas of high contrast, I know there is tremendous photographic potential for a strong composition. So I stopped my truck and made this image.