5:15 am and -5 degrees: 5 Canada Geese fly over the Bowron River marsh at dawn

As mentioned in my last post, my friend Mike Duffy and I went to the Bowron River Marsh to photograph. I was shooting for my new Cariboo Chilcotin Coast book and these Cariboo wetlands are one of the most spectacular in the world.

Up at 4:15 am, Mike and I paddled out to the marsh before dawn. It was clear and – 5 degrees. It was cold, but it was so beautiful, we never even thought of the temperature. There was no wind and the moon was still bright against the dark blue sky. We were in awe. The only ripples on the water were from the slight movement of our canoe. When I made this image, I was thinking about how lucky I was to have the moon in the landscape when 5 Canada Geese flew into the scene. CLICK! How lucky is that!!

The marsh was in flood, so that is why this part of the marsh looks like a lake.