• Cariboo
  • Workshop/Seminar Special

    Tomorrow I will be teaching my first photographic workshop/seminar of the year and I am excited! So this morning I walked out of our house to make a few images from which to demonstrate various techniques. Here are two aspen trees from which there is a narrative…I’ll be talking about this tomorrow. Those interested in […]

  • Cariboo
  • A Rainforest like no other on the Planet.

    The vast temperate rainforests of coastal British Columbia are world renowned. Often marketed as the ‘Great Bear Rainforest’, it draws thousands of tourists each year to view grizzly and black bears, wolves, and whales. However, 700 km inland there is another rainforest that few know about. It is the ‘Ancient Forest’, an inland rainforest that […]

  • Cariboo
  • Intensity of Springtime Colour

    The intensity of colour; I was pouring through my grassland images in connection with my upcoming book, and I came across this amazing display of arrow-leaved balsamroot. It reminded me to head out to the Farwell area grasslands in the very near future to see if they are at their prime. I made this image […]

  • Central B.C.
  • Moments of Humour!

    A Moment of Humour…..siesta or massacre? I so remember making this image and laughing to myself as I made it. It was a true visual and emotional narrative. I was riding through the Itcha volcano mountains with Wanda and Roger Williams, when I became aware that it was the custom to take a siesta after […]