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  • Tis the Season!

    During a battle to keep my ski’s from balling up and keeping the large wet snow flakes off my lens, I made this memorable image while back country skiing on the Bowron Lakes this spring. We were skiing with Dave Jorgenson of White Gold Adventures – a kite-skiing hut to hut ski adventure which was […]

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  • Visiting Old Friends

    Taking a stroll the day after a living forest was burned in a forest fire is a powerful experience. On the ground there are skeletons. Squirrel, owl, and deer¬† remains to name a few. When I looked up, there were the trees, reaching for the sunlight which only yesterday was a source of nourishment. It […]

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  • At Home in the Mountains

    I guess I should be thinking about x-c skiing but when I see an image like this I just want to be out there! On a canoe/hiking expedition this past summer, this was our camp view overlooking Ape Lake in the Coast Mountains. We hiked, canoed, and explored the surrounding glaciers for several days. We […]

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  • Burned Forest – Dead or Alive?

    A so-called dead forest is now one of my favourite landscapes. Of course it is not really dead, it just looks dead for a very short period of time. Before very long green vegetation will appear, but even before that, insects will detect a freshly burnt forest and will fly in from miles away. Black-backed […]

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  • Busy at Work Along the Fraser River

    During the Fraser River Photo Workshop we were ofter seen working together on compositions. The composition of a flower bouquet, a painting, or a photograph is the most important ingredient. That is why we spent time studying the elements of composition or visual design in order to make more powerful images. It represents the structure […]

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  • Fly Fishing on the Mitchell River

    Last week I was photographing a fly fishing expedition led by Doug Mooring and Josh Mackenzie of Cariboo Rivers Trout Fishing Adventures. The clients were back for a third time and I can understand why. The setting was spectacular. The Mitchell River drains from the Interior Rainforest of the Cariboo Mountains and empties into the […]