100 Mile Storm Chaser! May 29,2014


I’m back in the Cariboo and the storms are just as wild as when I left on Monday.

I have taken up storm chasing. I just head out around 8pm for a drive and chase the most dramatic looking clouds. Kind of fun!! During the next few posts I’ll show you some pretty cool photographs made here in the 100 Mile area. Stay tuned!


Rebuilding a ‘sense of place’ in the South Cariboo:  I have just started a new project. It’s called the 100 Mile ProjectSomehow, on my journey to explore and photograph the entire Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region, I have drifted apart from the very place I call home; 100 Mile House and surrounding area.  So now, when at home, I will go exploring with my camera, and then try to post a picture daily to encourage all of us to appreciate the beauty, and the value, of our ‘homeplace’.  Join me in this adventure. Tell your friends. Subscribe to the blog.  Let’s all get to know our home more deeply, and contribute to our ‘sense of community’.